Please be aware that fraudsters regularly pose as employers making
job offers, expecting payment of some kind before employment.
Be very cautious in such situations and remember that anything
that is too good to be true is probably untrue.
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Job Title Business Unit Location Date Posted Closing Date
Regional Manager
(Ref No. 12840)
Sasol Nitro Northern Cape, South Africa, South Africa 2014-04-22 2014-04-30
Technician Instruments
(Ref No. 12837)
Sasol Synfuels Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa 2014-04-16 2014-04-27
Engineer: Reliability
(Ref No. 12827)
Sasol Synfuels Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa 2014-04-14 2014-04-25
Boilermaker (U/G)
(Ref No. 12830)
Sasol Mining Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa 2014-04-14 2014-05-06
Sales Agronomist-Zambia
(Ref No. 12831)
Sasol Nitro Zambia, South Africa, South Africa 2014-04-14 2014-04-30
Sales Agronomist-Zimbabwe
(Ref No. 12832)
Sasol Nitro Zimbabwe, South Africa, South Africa 2014-04-14 2014-04-30
Sales Agronomist-Mozambique
(Ref No. 12833)
Sasol Nitro Mozambique, South Africa, South Africa 2014-04-14 2014-04-30
Principle Reservoir Geoscientist
(Ref No. 12825)
Sasol Petroleum Internat. London,  United Kingdom 2014-04-11 2014-05-06
Artisan: Mechanical Fitter
(Ref No. 12823)
Sasol Oil - Fuels Manuf. Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa 2014-04-10 2014-04-24
Senior Planner
(Ref No. 12818)
Sasol Wax Sasolburg, Free State, South Africa 2014-04-09 2014-04-24
Technical Services-Technician
(Ref No. 12793)
Sasol Nitro South Africa, South Africa, South Africa 2014-04-03 2014-04-25
Explosives Technician
(Ref No. 12795)
Sasol Nitro Rosebank, Gauteng, South Africa 2014-04-03 2014-04-25
Artisan Diesel Mechanic
(Ref No. 12783)
Sasol Nitro Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa 2014-04-02 2014-05-02
Artisan : Millwright
(Ref No. 12784)
Sasol Nitro Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa 2014-04-02 2014-05-02

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